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What your support means

When you support us by hiring the Science Museum, you are helping us to break down ‘not for me’ STEM barriers and make STEM engagement accessible, relevant and exciting.

Together we can help sustain the drive for STEM skills, fuel talent pipelines and inspire future generations to deliver lasting economic, social and business value for all.

While innovation is at the heart of our work – and the history of the Science Museum – our teams draw on a consistent set of values as we deliver for our audiences:

  • Think Big
  • Reveal Wonder
  • Ignite Curiosity
  • Be Open For All
  • Share Authentic Stories

By supporting the Science Museum, your company will contribute to:

As the UK’s most visited museum for school and educational groups, we play a vital role in informal learning and inspiring young people to engage with STEM. Using the power of STEM engagement, we can involve more diverse groups in science and innovation, which will create a fairer and more inclusive society.

Your support helps develop new learning initiatives for students and young people, expanding awareness of the skills needed in STEM careers.

Each year our dedicated team of curators and researchers create new galleries and exhibitions to display incredible objects and the stories behind them. Using interactivity and immersive designs to house the nation’s scientific collection, we create ground-breaking spaces to engage our audiences with a range of business-relevant topics.

Your support helps create new galleries and blockbuster exhibitions, fuelling imagination and sparking wonder.

From family and adult festivals, to IMAX presentations and accessible programmes for audiences with special educational needs, our unique events programme is at the beating heart of engaging our audiences with STEM.

Your support helps present public events, films and workshops, bringing important issues to life in memorable ways.

The Science Museum Group has a vast online estate that in 2019 received over 10.9 million visits across our sites, with around 39% of visitors from outside the UK. Our traditional learning resources site welcomes thousands of users each month.

Your support helps engage millions of people globally through digital interventions and new online content, ensuring greater levels of accessibility to vital STEM subjects.

Each year our experienced Outreach team travel 22,000km to deliver live educational science demonstrations to thousands of children in schools, community centres, libraries and festivals across the UK. Our touring exhibitions programme enables those who are not in London to enjoy some of our extraordinary collections.

Your support helps open up experiences to groups who might not normally have the opportunity to visit our museums, extending our reach to a more diverse audience.

Our Academy of Science Engagement, with hubs in Manchester and London, is the world’s first centre of excellence dedicated to delivering research-informed science engagement training to primary and secondary teachers, museum educators and STEM professionals. Through the Academy we are rolling out impactful techniques at scale, reaching over 1,150 teachers and STEM practitioners every year.

Your support helps teachers and STEM professionals deliver incredible learning experiences for more students than ever before.