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Dinners and Drinks Receptions

Capacity: 400
An engaging space that documents the latest scientific, technological and medical breakthroughs, available for evening hire.

Capacity: 400
With over 50 mind-blowing exhibits, immerse your guests in a world of wonder in this fully interactive space, available for evening hire.

Capacity: 400
An extraordinary gallery which reflects worldwide achievements in aviation. This replica aircraft hangar is available for daytime and evening hire.

Capacity: 200
A stunning space designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, this gallery is perfect for evening receptions of pre-dinner drinks.

Information Age

Capacity: 400
A fascinating space celebrating over 200 years of innovation in information and communication technologies, available for evening hire.

Who Am I? gallery view

Capacity: 300
A futuristic space offering an insight into the latest advances in brain science and genetics, this contemporary gallery is available for evening hire.