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UNRVLD Company Summer Event 2022

Client: UNRVLD
Event: Company Summer Event 2022
Date: 14th September 2022
No of guests: 175
Venue: IMAX & Illuminate

Event brief & objective:

The 2021 UNRVLD Summer Event was about coming together for the first time. Not only the first time since the pandemic but also the first time as one company following mergers and acquisitions.

With the 2022 UNRVLD day we wanted to look to the future. A year on we are bigger, bolder and our ambition is even higher. We wanted to create a day that inspired, motivated, engaged, and was thought provoking and fun.

Why did you choose the Science Museum for your event?

After selecting London as the preferred location, we wanted to find a venue with the ‘wow’ factor. We didn’t realise you could hire the Science Museum initially but once we’d seen what was available through the website, we immediately wanted to make it work. Not only is there the heritage of the museum itself, but as a growing digital agency looking to the future it fit our theme perfectly.

What sort of experience did you want to create for your guests?

Our goal, whether through speakers, activities, or even the venue itself was to come away with a memorable experience as we deepen our relationships together, ready to take UNRVLD forward in its growth journey.

How did you choose which spaces at the museum you wanted to use?

As we had two keynote speakers attending the event we needed enough space for our guests, activities, catering, and the speakers themselves. As the museum has a good variety of spaces this gave us flexibility on what we could use, and we settled on two areas: IMAX: The Ronson Theatre and Illuminate.  

How did Illuminate and the IMAX work for your event?

They worked really well. We split the day with the keynotes taking place in IMAX and the activities/catering on levels 4 and 5 of Illuminate. Having an impressive, dedicated space for the keynotes was really useful as it meant we could also use it to shoot some of our marketing material while the bulk of our guests were in Illuminate between presentations. It also freed up a lot of space in Illuminate.

Who were your catering and AV partners?

We used Moving Venue and White Light – we were really impressed with their organisation and professionalism on the day.

What feedback did you receive from guests?

Overall, we’ve had really positive feedback from our staff – the only problem was there weren’t enough hours in the day and it was over too quickly! 

Client testimonial:

We had a fantastic day at The Science Museum and want to say a huge thanks to everyone in the event team for helping us make everything go so smoothly.”