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TripStax Launch Party

Client: TripStax
Event: TripStax Launch Party
Date: 18 May 2022
No of guests: 150
Venue: Exploring Space

Event brief & objective:

TripStax is a global business travel technology brand which launched in March 2022. The event was to mark the official launch, with press, industry contacts, and some UK-based employees attending.

We wanted to make sure this high-profile event effectively communicated our new brand, its personality, values, as well as introducing the strength of our product to the market. Our marketing tagline – Tech to make your business BOOM – was front and centre and plays a pivotal role in promoting one of our company USPs; enabling travel management companies to become more competitive through innovation and the adoption of better technology.

We sought a venue in London that was a draw in itself, that was iconic and oozed inspiration. It needed to be different, quirky, and cool while maintaining a more serious, professional, and credible vibe. Looking towards the future with a focus on technology had to be at its heart.

Why did you choose the Science Museum?

The Science Museum is such an iconic location. It was the perfect venue to spark curiosity and create a ‘hook’ to entice our guests to attend. The better the event sounds, the more interest it will get, and more people will turn up on the night. You only get to launch a brand once. We wanted it to be incredible, a night everyone would remember and talk about for years to come. The venue hire was also reasonably priced allowing us to host something very special and stay within budget, which for a new business was another benefit.

Which space did you use for your event and how did it come together?

Guests entered through the Energy Hall. The grand walkway was lined with a TripStax pink carpet and branded rockets (part of our creative launch campaign). We had Space Odyssey 2001 playing creating a dramatic entrance as first impressions mattered, and it really set the scene for the rest of the evening. There were lots of opportunities to create brand touchpoints, such as playing our promo video on the TV screens as guests walked through the museum. This allowed us to maximise brand awareness and impact.

Exploring Space is very versatile with lots of different artefacts for guests to explore, which added another dimension to the evening. Tim Peake – the renowned British astronaut – was our guest of honour. He took part in an incredibly inspiring fireside Q&A with our CEO right in front of the actual Soyuz capsule that he flew to and from space. We placed poser tables and stools throughout allowing guests to comfortably socialise with one another. A designated seating section was positioned by the large globe – a firm favourite for selfies – many of which ended up on social platforms creating further brand exposure. Exploring Space is such a profound space, and it was a privilege to align our brand with what it represents.

What F&B did you require? Did Bubble Food create anything bespoke for the event?

From cocktails, canapes and bowl food, every aspect was carefully considered so no branding opportunity was missed. The team at Bubble Food expertly crafted an haute-cuisine, futuristically styled menu; from beet cured trout and salsify nori rolls; to maple soy glazed lamb and wasabi mash. Dramatic looking dry ice featured as part of an ice cream station, complimenting the overall theme, and was served by an aptly dressed scientist.

In terms of AV and production, what did Equip provide for the event?

Equip managed all the AV and operational requirements including the stage construction and special effects lighting. They also provided a DJ booth which was covered in a branded wrap, specifically designed, and printed in advance. We invited a top international DJ and music producer to play modern lounge music with a space-theme twist. He was accompanied by a musician who weaved between guests playing the saxophone – each carefully thought-out element added to the unique vibe and mood of the event.

What feedback did you receive from guests?

Everyone is still talking about it. I’ve had so many messages on LinkedIn and emails from those who attended Everyone left with a smile on their face, feeling positive and optimistic – those were the exact emotions we wanted to evoke.

Client testimonial:

“It was an exceptional evening and exactly what we’d hoped for. You only get one chance to launch a new brand. We wanted to create a positive and impactful first impression and give guests a lasting memory –  which we definitely achieved. The team at the Science Museum were fantastic to work with and the speed with which they turned around the space was impressive. The way the evening all came together was just fantastic – we’re now wondering how we’re ever going to top this!”

Nikki Banks, Chief Marketing Officer at TripStax.