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The Show by Breast Cancer Now

Client: Breast Cancer Now
Event:  The Show by Breast Cancer Now
Date: Thursday 20 April
No of guests: 230 afternoon show. 250 evening show.
Venue: Illuminate

Event brief & objective:

The Show by Breast Cancer Now is more than a catwalk. More than just clothes. Because the models are 23 amazing people living with or beyond breast cancer, from all walks of life. Using fashion, they celebrated who they’ve become through their diverse experiences of breast cancer. The two events, welcomed key supporters of Breast Cancer Now and the models’ friends and family to cheer on our incredible models and hear more about Breast Cancer Now’s world-class research and support.

Why did you choose the Science Museum for your event?

The Show requires a lot from a venue, in terms of event space and a backstage area. After visiting multiple venues, we arranged a site visit at the Science Museum to view Illuminate. Walking into the venue, the skyline view was a big appeal. We wanted a venue that had a “wow” factor for our guests, but also accommodated the backstage requirement for a hair/make-up station, quick-change and chill-out area for our models. Accessibility was also a key aspect to consider as one of our models is a wheelchair user.

What sort of experience did you want to create?

Last year, we held the event at an iconic London venue, so we knew we had to have the “wow” factor for our guests this year. We wanted to create a professional fashion show and bring in the Breast Cancer Now colours and messaging. The aim was for guests to feel inspired by the models and speeches and be impressed with the venue.

How did you choose which space at the museum you wanted to use?

We only visited Level 4 and Level 5 of Illuminate. Level 4 worked perfectly for our backstage area and the skyline on level 5 had the “wow” factor we wanted, and the space had the capacity we needed. We also liked that the space was a blank canvas for us to work with the venue to create the layout we wanted. 

How did Illuminate work for your event?

The space worked really well for the event. Our guests loved the skyline view, and the bank canvas allowed us to build a layout that worked for the runway. Level 4 was also perfect for our backstage area and was easily accessible. It was also a big plus that the venue was fully accessible for guests and for anybody accessing the backstage area.

Who were your catering and AV partners?

We worked with Moving Venue and White Light. We worked closely with the White Light team leading up to the event to ensure we had the layout and production best suited for the event. The team was so easy to work with pre-event and were really accommodating. The on the day team were also brilliant to work with and helped everything run smoothly. We had a bespoke floorplan to suit the fashion show requirements and we also included branding opportunities that met our budget.

Moving Venue were also great to work with leading up to the event and on the day. The team helped everything run so smoothly and were accommodating to the different event requirements.

What production elements were included in the event?

To maximise the space on Level 5, we worked with White Light to design a bespoke floor-based catwalk solution using an array of battery-operated lighting equipment. This innovative approach placed guests right on the edge of the action, maximising the front row experience and creating an intimate environment for both the models and in-person audience.

A comprehensive lighting package further heightened the runway presentations, with accompanying audio, designed to emanate from the centre of the catwalk, immersing the audience. A scenic wall, incorporating a 3D neon sign of the Breast Cancer Now logo was used as a photo opportunity for guests. This also provided a discreet backdrop for the models as they exited the catwalk between rotations.

The event was live streamed on Facebook and White Light worked closely with our digitaleam, suppling four pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. This helped create as many different shots as possible for the stream, enabling online viewers to feel like they were at the show.

What feedback did you receive from guests?

We have had a very positive response from guests. They loved the event space, and gave special mention to the skyline view, catering and the Breast Cancer Now neon light. They were very impressed with the runway element, screens, and our inspiring models.

Client testimonial:

“We had a positive experience working with the Science Museum, White Light, and Moving Venue. The communication leading up to the event was brilliant and the teams were ever so accommodating to help bring everything together. The on the day teams also made everything run so smoothly and worked well with the Breast Cancer Now team. Our guests were blown away with how the venue looked, the catering and our incredible models.”

– Ellie Barnes, Senior Special Events Manager at Breast Cancer Now.