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PwC Consulting Annual Partner and Director Day 2023

Client: PwC
Event: Consulting Annual Partner and Director Day 2023
Date: 26 & 28 September 2023
No of guests: 190 on the first event, 250 on the second
Venue: Illuminate & Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery

Why did you choose the Science Museum for your event? What were you looking for in a venue when you started planning this event?

We chose the Science Museum due to its unique blend of historical significance and contemporary allure, providing an innovative and inspiring backdrop for our Consulting Partner and Director Day events. When initially planning the event, we sought a venue that could merge sophistication, technological amenities, and an environment conducive to both learning and networking. Through our events we were keen to promote a ‘Challenger mindset’ and having the Science Museum as the backdrop for this – with its stories of innovators who challenged the norm – was perfect for us.

What sort of experience did you want to create for guests?

Our aim was to create an immersive and memorable experience that would resonate with the leaders of our business. We wanted to offer intellectual stimulation, networking opportunities, and an environment that fostered insightful discussions amidst the backdrop of ground-breaking scientific advancements.

How did you choose which spaces at the museum you wanted to use?

We selected Illuminate and Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery within the Science Museum to complement the essence of our event. Illuminate’s modern, versatile spaces allowed us to be flexible in how we used the space. Wonderlab’s interactive exhibits added an engaging dimension, encouraging exploration and conversation among attendees so we used this space in the evening for networking and drinks.

How did Illuminate and Wonderlab work for your event? What was the benefit of using these spaces? Illuminate provided a wonderful setting for keynote presentations, table discussions and networking sessions. Its AV capabilities and contemporary design ensured a seamless flow of presentations and discussions. We were able to use one floor as the main hall with a cabaret style set up perfect for discussions, whilst using a second floor for an exhibition and refreshments. In fact, our delegates’ feedback was how much they appreciated the space, light and view that Level 5 of Illuminate offered. Wonderlab, with its interactive displays and immersive experiences, offered an unparalleled setting for guests to engage, learn, and connect in an unconventional yet stimulating environment in the evening.

Who were your catering and AV partners? Did they create anything bespoke for the event?

Our catering partner, Moving Venue, curated a bespoke menu that catered to diverse palates while aligning with the theme of innovation. Our AV partner, White Light, ensured flawless execution, enhancing the experience with cutting-edge technology and tailored setups that complemented each space within the museum.

What feedback did you receive from guests?

The feedback from our guests was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the fusion of an iconic venue with the innovative elements of Illuminate and Wonderlab. Attendees specifically highlighted the seamless logistics, the engaging atmosphere, the high-quality catering, and the interactive nature of Wonderlab as standout features that elevated their experience.

Client comment:

We thoroughly enjoyed using the Science Museum to host our annual Consulting Partner and Director days as it provided the perfect balance between historical significance and contemporary appeal. Illuminate and Wonderlab were selected for their versatile spaces and ability to hold interactive exhibits, presentations, discussions, and evening networking. The feedback from our delegates was extremely positive as well.” – Kam Dhaliwal, PwC