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National Grid ESO Future Energy Scenarios 2023

Client: National Grid ESO (Electricity System Operator)
Agent: Agiito
Event: Future Energy Scenarios 2023 Launch Event
Date: Monday 10 July 2023
No of guests: Approx 150
Venue: Illuminate

Event brief & objective:

In-person event for key internal and external stakeholders to launch the 2023 FES.

Why did you choose the Science Museum for your event?

I was offered the Science Museum as an option for our event by our agency Agiito. I was delighted with this option and visited in May. I was looking for a venue that had connections with the energy industry with space for networking and refreshments, as well as the presentation. Seeing Illuminate ticked all these boxes!

What sort of experience did you want to create?

An experience that was engaging, welcoming and bright but not too lavish and over the top.

How important a role did sustainability play in the organisation of your event?

We wanted to make sure that the food we served was local and sustainable, meaning less food miles and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to improving our carbon footprint. This matches our ambition and government targets to meet net zero. Local food also benefits the local economy, supporting nearby farmers and other producers.

We no longer provide paper copies of our report to be more environmentally friendly.

How did Illuminate work for your event? What were the standout features?

Illuminate worked really well for us. I liked the Level 5 networking and catering area – this is bright and welcoming with great views of London. Level 4 was perfect for the presentations and speakers and provided a different atmosphere from Level 5. The stand-out features were the views and the difference in Level 4 and Level 5 that worked for the different elements of our event.

Who were your catering and AV partners? Did they create anything bespoke for the event?

Moving Venue were our caterers and White Light were our AV partners. We used exhibition stands to display some current projects from across the wider business that White Light sourced, and we also live-streamed the main presentation direct to our ESO YouTube platform. We were served the plant-based menu that I requested.

What feedback did you receive from guests?

Great venue with informative exhibits and lovely food

Very well planned and organised. Brilliant session

Speakers were fantastic (and so was the food!)

Excellent launch

Fantastic food, clear presentations

Client testimonial:

“I would definitely recommend Illuminate at the Science Museum for events. The team at the venue, together with the catering and AV company, helped me plan and deliver a great event, both for our internal and external stakeholders. Thanks to all those that were involved.” – Katherine IIes, Stakeholder engagement and communication lead at National Grid ESO