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Client: UKAEA & The Fusion Cluster
Agent: Still Curious
Event: FUSION22
Date: 18th October 2022
No of guests: 268
Venue: Illuminate & Information Age 

Event brief & objective:

  • Showcase recent developments in fusion and the collectives’ goals, approach, and status
  • Promote fusion as an essential future energy source
  • Educate receptive segments of the general public, innovation community and other potential stakeholders
  • Inform supply chain and stakeholder groups of the fusion challenges and opportunities
  • Collaborate with individuals and organisations from international public and private sectors

Why did you choose the Science Museum for your event?

The client was looking for a venue that:

  • Was in the centre of London with good transport links for international and regional delegates
  • Could accommodate the numbers we required
  • Could offer 2 theatre areas
  • Could tie in appropriately with the client and event – i.e., innovation / science
  • Could partner and support FUSION22 as an inaugural event

Still Curious created the concept for FUSION22 in the run up to COP26 and presented it to UKAEA and the Fusion Cluster – a committed group of fusion energy advocates and stakeholders. We worked alongside passionate people from these organisations to plan, market and produce the event.

As a forward-thinking agency working with people who have a desire to make a difference, Still Curious takes an audience first approach to communications and events and we were looking for a space that reflected the optimism and air of unlimited possibility that is currently abound in the fusion energy sector. The Science Museum offered both the blank canvas of Illuminate upon which to launch the FUSION22 brand, and the history and prestige of the museum itself which was important to our clients and delegates.

What sort of experience did you want to create for your guests?

An opportunity for guests to be able to listen to engaging presentations and panel sessions about relevant topics relating to Fusion energy. It was ideal to have it in the Science Museum where the history of the development of impactful scientific ventures are documented and displayed which ties in with showcasing the development of this new power source. To that end, we wanted the guests to not only utilise Illuminate as the conference area but also be immersed in the museum itself. We wanted guests to feel like they were attending an event which was cutting edge, at the forefront of the fusion industry and gave them the opportunity to delve deeper into it through presentations, networking, and exhibitor booths.

How did you choose which spaces at the museum you wanted to use?

We wanted an exclusive area and one that was big enough for the potential number of FUSION22 guests so Illuminate was ideal for this. We needed an area for networking and catering, and we also needed 2 presentation areas so a space within the Museum itself was an ideal way to achieve this. We were initially considering another gallery, but the internet connection was not quite sufficient to run the streaming required for this hybrid event, so we were immediately offered the Information Age as an alternative. The Smith Centre was used for filming and as a speaker Green Room.

How did Illuminate and the Information Age work for your event?

On Level 5 of Illuminate we had a networking set up with poseur tables, informal soft furnishings, relay plasma screens (to relay live presentations from Level 4), registration table on entrance and all catering – coffee and lunch breaks. The stand out feature undoubtedly was the wall of windows at the far end giving a spectacular view and reminding the delegates that they were in the heart of London.

The contemporary white walls and clean, clutter free environment was a perfect blank canvas for us to add furniture, foliage, stands, registration, and catering to create a social networking space. The LED screen was impressive when guests first came out of the lift and was a great place to showcase our eye-catching event branding. The size of the space was useful as well as it could take a lot of people but did not look empty when we had less than capacity on site. The ability to programme lights to match brand colours was great, as well as the use of the light over the spiral staircase as this was depicted as the sun in our case which was befitting for fusion.

On Level 4 of Illuminate we had a theatre style set up with approx. 260 chairs, a stage, tub chairs, 2 x projector screens and 2 relay screens. We really liked the contrast here. The space felt perfectly intimate and cosy and was not intimidating for the audience who felt like they could easily join in the discussion during the Q&A session.

The tech that was already rigged i.e., the central wide shot camera, was very useful. We had a backstage set up with large screens to clearly show all shots including virtual speakers etc. which was useful for everyone to clearly see the state of play throughout sessions.

In Information Age we again had a theatre-style set up for 80 with a stage and tub chairs, 2 plasma screens and 2 relays. The stand out feature of this space was the backdrop of the Aerial depicting that we were in a gallery in the Science Museum. It was great that the audience could sit on various seating blocks already in the gallery near the exhibits.

Who were your catering and AV partners?

White Light and Moving Venue.

White Light provided the kit to host the hybrid element of the event with virtual viewers and live viewers, as well as the kit in Information Age and 3 cameras. They provided the streaming services from Level 4 in Illuminate and managed the branding for us.

Moving Venue worked with us to find a catering solution that worked for our client – we selected Bento boxes which were displayed well and were popular with attendees.

What feedback did you receive from guests?

In our post event feedback survey, 88% of delegates stated they would attend a future event.

Congratulations on the Fusion22 event, I caught as much of it as I could, and it was fantastic, far higher quality than other industry meetings I’ve been to. The event did the sector proud.

Jamie Townes, UKAEA

Exceptional event today, please do thank your team from us at BEIS, I was really impressed and so was everyone I spoke to. Lots of people suggesting it was unique and needs doing again.

Adam Baker, BEIS

FUSION22 was a perfect event with a lot of useful information and presentations. All of the attendees and presenters were super friendly and informative too. All in all, it was an excellent day all round with a great venue.

Survey feedback

This was a very informative and enjoyable event – well organised with a great range of speakers. The location was well chosen and added to the experience of the day. Networking opportunities were very well catered for, and the balance of presentations and networking time was very well struck. Catering, Audio visual aspects were also excellent. I came away with a very positive sense of progress in Fusion technology and very well done to all involved.

Survey feedback

Client testimonial:

“The Science Museum was the perfect venue to host FUSION22 and it was enjoyed by all who attended. Level 5 of Illuminate provided a great setting for our networking and catering, with fantastic views over London and a bright and airy feel. Using Level 4 of Illuminate and the Information Age gallery for our theatres gave delegates a mix of backdrops and allowed us to feel like we were ‘in the heart’ of the Science Museum. It was fantastic to put on an event at a venue that truly reflects what we are all about at Still Curious – making connections, working with people who make a difference and delivering complex messages in a human way.” – Cat Stanford, Account Director at Still Curious

Images by Kirsten Holst