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Science Museum becomes first venue to introduce Preevue’s web application

The Science Museum has partnered with Preevue, an industry-leading provider of LiDAR laser scanning, visualisation, and digital twin production for performing arts projects, as it launches its events-based visualisation web application Event Preevue.

Expanding into the events sector, Preevue’s web application enables clients to plan a complex event to their specifications in a photorealistic and architecturally accurate replica of a space, saving a huge amount of time and budget.

Clients looking to host an event at the Science Museum can now access a digital replica of Illuminate with the ability to brand the space, choose between different event set up options and visualise how their event will look in the space before making any final decisions.

Preevue’s Managing Director Ryan Metcalfe comments: “This is an incredibly exciting moment for us at Preevue, with this launch signifying the culmination of many years of development and planning.

Within theatre, our work scanning and visualising venues has enabled productions to make key decisions with confidence ahead of time through giving stakeholders an understanding of the complexities and options of a space years in advance and without the need to travel.

“I’m delighted that we’re bringing these technologies to the events industry and particularly in how we’ve done so working alongside our long-term collaborative partner White Light.”

Helen Beresford-Boyse, Sales and Marketing Manager at the Science Museum, adds: “We’re really excited to be partnering with Preevue on this new web application and once again introducing more ground-breaking technology into Illuminate. As the first event venue to introduce this type of technology, we hope it will help streamline the planning and decision-making process for clients by digitally showcasing the incredible opportunities we have in Illuminate for standout events.”

White Light, as a leading innovator of technical solutions within the venues and events sector and collaborative partner to Preevue, having previously worked together on theatre projects, facilitated the introduction to the Science Museum.

WL’s Senior Project Manager Jason Larcombe comments: “As a long-standing approved supplier at the Science Museum and their in-house production partner for Illuminate, we saw an opportunity to bring this ground-breaking technology to a highly progressive venue. Likewise, we have an existing relationship with Preevue and have seen first-hand how this market-leading visualisation solution has been transforming the creative design process in a number of sectors. Another benefit is that it is extremely simple to use, with no prior technical knowledge required.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to utilise technology to better serve our venues and clients and Preevue offers an easy way of envisioning and personalising a venue set-up. This enables organisers to see their bespoke event design come to life from the earliest stages of planning and to share this with stakeholders from the outset.”

To take a look at Preevue in Illuminate, click here