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Lighting by Sutton Vane Associates shortlisted for Lux Award

Our new event space Illuminate is up for a prestigious Lux Award thanks to the work of its lighting design company Sutton Vane Associates (SVA). Celebrating excellence in lighting, the Lux Awards have recognised SVA’s creativity, innovation and commitment to sustainable solutions in Illuminate’s pioneering lighting system, shortlisting the project for the Hospitality, Leisure and Faith Project of the Year.

Responding to demand for a dedicated events space, Illuminate was designed to be a future-proof venue to meet all manner of event requirements while being aesthetically sleek and customisable; a brief which saw SVA exceed expectations. The grid lighting system in Level 4 and halo lights in Level 5 can be controlled as a whole or individually, with each line of the grid and each halo having the option of a standalone colour and brightness.

Further reflecting Illuminate’s identity of light and discovery, the feature skylight over the staircase between Levels 4 and 5 also has the option of solid colour or a gradient effect; mirroring the museum’s own branding.

In line with the museum’s ethos of innovation SVA also developed a hybrid system combining DMX lighting control with Bluetooth LE buttons – the first time these two different protocols had been used together. All lighting systems can also be controlled via an intuitive app for an additional cost when hiring Illuminate, which allows our in-house production team to easily customise the space for their needs and adjust every aspect of the lighting as they wish.

Julie O’Reilly, Creative Director at SVA, said: “We’re so excited to have been shortlisted for a Lux Award for our work in Illuminate. It was such a fantastic project to work on, both through working alongside the Science Museum and Mary Duggan Architects to bring the collective vision to life, and to see how clients in the space have been making full use of the amazing capabilities to create truly innovative and memorable events.

“Thanks also go to Xicato, Phoros, UFO and Warface for their invaluable input into this pioneering offering.”

Jodie Guilford, Business Development and Marketing Manager at the Science Museum, added: “Illuminate has been such a success since its opening in March and we credit some of that to the flexibility and creativity that SVA’s lighting enables us to offer our clients. We’re excited for the award announcement – fingers crossed!”