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Confirming Final Christmas Party Dates through HeadBox

With Christmas fast approaching, we reached out to London’s top agencies to find out what they believe makes a fantastic Christmas party venue. From venue capacities to the versatility of a space, agencies such as HeadBox are experts in the field of pairing the perfect venue to meet the demands of an amazing event.

We spoke to HeadBox about why they believe the Science Museum is the perfect location for a 2018 Christmas Party, here are some of their favourites.

An entertainment dancer suspended from the ceiling in our Energy Hall

  1. Energy Hall

The Energy Hall at the Science Museum is one of our favourite London party venues. An iconic space for your 2018 Christmas party. Showcasing the past and present of Britain’s engineering history and achievements since the Industrial Revolution, it’s the ideal venue for standing receptions for up to 500 guests. The Energy Hall at the Science Museum traces the incredible story of steam and how it shaped the world we live in today. Entertain your guests in this beautiful London venue which still has the 1903 Skye Mill Engine in the heart of the gallery.

A corporate event taking place in our Making the Modern World gallery.

2. Making the Modern World

 Making the Modern World at the Science Museum is a simply stunning venue. With high ceilings, industrial pillars and a mezzanine level, it’s a beautifully dramatic backdrop for your event. Celebrate amongst the amazing inventions that formed our modern society, from the very first Apple computer to Crick and Watson’s DNA model, there’s something for everyone to discover in Making the Modern World. Accommodating up to 750 people for a drinks reception, or up to 350 people for a private dining event, Making the Modern World is great for a Christmas do your guests won’t forget.


3. Exploring Space

Fancy yourself a bit of a space buff? Then look no further than Exploring Space, a venue which tells the story of space exploration. This totally out-this-world venue is a great Christmas party venue for 2018, accommodating up to 300 guests for a standing drinks reception. You can also invite up to 180 guests for a private dining Christmas party where your guests can celebrate beneath real rockets! You won’t find another London venue where you can see just how the Space Age started from the launch of Sputnik 1. This is an incredible space to inspire your guests this year.

A seated dinner taking place in our Flight gallery.

4. Flight

Flight is one of our favourite unusual venues in the City. An iconic and imaginative space that celebrates worldwide aviation achievements – epitomised in the replica aircraft suspended above the space. Why not celebrate with your colleagues and employees by dining in this incredible venue steeped in history? Flight can accommodate up to 350 people for dinner, so it’s perfect if you are planning a large Christmas party for 2018. If you’re planning a drinks reception, Flight can accommodate up to 400 people.

So, there you have it, just a few of HeadBox’s favourite spaces here at the Science Museum that you can hire to make your 2018 Christmas party one to remember!

Content by Liv Rafferty, Liv is the Digital Content Executive at HeadBox.