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The EOS Global Hackathon London

Event: The EOS Global Hackathon London
Date: 21 – 23 September 2018
Number of guests: 468


Why did you choose the Science Museum?

The Science Museum was an exciting and inspiring choice for our EOS Global Hackathon London event. It is a very iconic venue in London, particularly for those who are interested in technology. The symbolism of new technology (Blockchain) surrounded by old technology was ultimately the reason for choosing the Science Museum.

Please describe the brief of the event, who was the event for/aimed at? What were the core goals and objectives?

The EOS Global Hackathon is a first-of-its-kind event in the world of blockchain that serves’s goal of supporting a global community of blockchain developers and entrepreneurs from the ground up. It challenges hackers, product developers, marketers, and business leaders to create a new wave of blockchain apps that solve real world problems. The EOS Global Hackathon London was the third of five In-Person events we held throughout the year. From September 22-23, more than 90 teams and 468 participants from around the world competed in London to “Enhance Privacy and Security” by building applications on the EOSIO Platform that improved the relationship between technology and users’ privacy or security.

Which spaces at the museum did you use as part of the event and how did they enhance the experience for your guests?

The EOS Global Hackathon London took place in several areas of the Science Museum. Each area had a unique atmosphere which added to our participants’ experience.

The IMAX was used as the stage for all presentations, and the final awards announcement. Allowing participants to present pitches on the IMAX stage was a memorable and unique experience.

Flight Gallery
Using the Flight Gallery as the main hacking space was inspiring for the participants. Being surrounded by so much history and technology was widely appreciated.

Engineer your Future:
At each event, the nap room is a popular area for hackers to rest in. The darkness of this room made it a great choice for the nap room. Meanwhile, the games tied in with the fun and competitive atmosphere of the hackathon.

Energy Hall:
Using the Energy Hall for the event’s closing reception was refreshing. It allowed the participants to experience the museum privately, and gave us a beautiful area to celebrate their hard work over the weekend.

Wellcome Wing Basement:
The Wellcome Wing Basement gave us the opportunity for a lot of branding in this space. This meant we were able to showcase the Science Museum whilst also personalizing the space for our event.

Why did the Science Museum work particularly well for a ‘hack’ event?

The Science Museum was a great venue for a hackathon as it brought together old tech and new tech in the same space. The Science Museum is an iconic and sentimental venue for many of those who grew up in the UK, so hosting a hackathon here was very exciting for our participants.

What was your favourite space used within the Science Museum and why?

The Flight Gallery was a great space to use within the Science Museum. It was closed to the public and therefore private from the general museum guests. This space allowed us to produce great video and photographic content. It was very cool for the participants to be surrounded by the old planes and memorabilia for 36 hours.

Were there any added extras/benefits for your guests that you were able to include as part of the event due to holding it at the Science Museum?

1. Central Location
2. Easily Accessible
3. Easy to find

What feedback did you receive from the guests?

1. The Venue was super cool. Being surrounded by old planes was very exciting.
2. The energy of the space itself. The Hackathon at the Science Museum, is absolutely amazing
3. The atmosphere is electric. And being here in London, and at the Science Museum makes it all the more special.


The staff at the Science Museum were very accommodating, and great to work with. The Science Museum was a unique and exciting location to host an event – Dan Simon,