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Lorna Hutchman

Coming from a scientific background, Lorna enjoys sharing her interest of STEM subjects through interacting with exhibits and examining historic curiosities during introductory tours. She is extremely passionate about the museums ability to engage people with science and to inspire those to think critically about the world we live in. Her favourite gallery is the Mathematics: The Winton Gallery as it's home to many fascinating intricacies which offer great talking points during events.

CGI Image of level 4 in Illuminate at the Science Museum

When it comes to launching a new venue, the commencement of the of the design stages is often viewed as the crucial part in the planning process, but often this means the meticulous and more laborious stages prior to this point go unnoticed.

We are delighted to reveal a first-look video giving an exclusive preview into our brand new events space, Illuminate, which is due to open in February 2019.