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Adapting events for 2020

We’ve entered a brand-new decade and it feels like a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to reflect on what’s been achieved in the decade just gone, what we can leave there and what we need to take forward with us, and for the events sector we’re certainly in the midst of some fairly seismic changes. Consumers expect more from brands, experiences and authority figures in terms of social and environmental responsibilities – as well as a high level of quality. It’s more important than ever that as an industry we face these head on and not only meet demand but look to be one step ahead of it.

The call for climate action is one such example and is a prominent part of modern society. The events industry as a whole will need to continue to adapt and make real changes to reduce waste and seek planet-friendly means of delivering events – or risk alienating the upcoming generation of eco-conscious planners and guests, while fundamentally causing harm to the environment.

This responsibility also falls to event catering; the trend for a more plant-based diet is already well on the rise and this isn’t going anywhere. Where previously a meat-free option was in place to satisfy a handful of guests, 2020 and beyond will see event catering take on the challenge of keeping up with diverse tastes to ensure we not only provide alternatives, but craft entire menus in a different way than ever before. For example, one of our accredited suppliers, Bubble Foods Executive Head Chef and Director, Jens Nisson has introduced a new vegan & vegetarian menu as the company moves towards a more sustainable approach for food.

Drinks options too are already seeing a surge in creativity thanks to a growth of non-drinkers and the evermore delicious alcohol-free options on the market, meaning events can no longer get away with serving only wine or water. The guests of the next decade will be savvy with what’s available and expect as much effort in the mocktails as there traditionally has been in the alcoholic bar selection!

Social consciousness will also continue to be high on the list for event planners. As consumers we expect brands and businesses to have clear CSR activities at the core of their strategy; every activity they carry out will have to incorporate positively impactful actions from the ground up in an authentic way. For example, holding events at the Science Museum can have a clear and positive impact on the future generation for years to come. Event revenue is put back into the Science Museum’s galleries, collections and research, such as our brand-new Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries, the world’s largest medical collection.

Above all, it will be the overarching drive for connecting people through experiences and technology that will be more important than ever before. Taking advantage of the incredible locations and offerings on our doorstep will be of benefit to the industry as a whole, finding innovative means of entertaining guests, solutions to existing issues and taking a step back to really see the bigger picture impact of everything we do.

As we head into this new decade, we are excited and intrigued as to where the next 10 years will take our venue, the industry and our clients.